In the childhood many people with horror treated punishment of parents in the form of flogging. But over time tastes of many changed, and the concept of the word "flogging" gained absolutely other motives. In intimate life such type of entertainments comes down to a flop of the subordinated slave special tools. Sweet pain which is felt by punishable is capable to build excitement to the highest level and even to force to test an orgasm. Pleasure under a lash is a subtle art, the few own it. But girls from the website Dosug93 are well informed on that how pleasant and forced can be pain. Flogging in Sochi became in the peculiar way to leave from reality fetters, to expand limits of sensuality and to be sent to the power of others desire. Any man can try this incomparable adventure on taste, having ordered one of selling maidens on our website.


Flogging advantages for beginners and the guru:


  • Your experience or your role in this process does not matter, there will be nearby the real professional who will not allow failure. If you want to flog independently the wretch, then you will have for this purpose all opportunities, however to appear on other side of a lash happens too very unusually and excitingly.
  • Every time new maidens can be your executors or the victims. Fine externally, interesting internally and incredibly dissolute, they will be always ready to substitute the buttocks under your blows.
  • Cost on such entertainment will not frighten even the most exacting and economical natures at all. To receive the portion of pain or to splash out the accumulated irritation in the course of flogging will be on a pocket to any man.
  • Safety of your health will always be in a priority at the call girl therefore she will not assume that you felt too severe pain or were traumatized.


Has much more options for an intimate variety the modern person, than was still just couples decades ago. Together with the best selling maidens in the city you will be able daily to master "discipline of love", new to yourself, adding interesting and useful knowledge to an experience moneybox. Flogging is not punishment for disobedient girls and guys, and an exotic way to force itself or the partner to be beyond possible emotions and feelings. You call any nicely to the girl on the website, and she will be able precisely to tell you and to show all nuances of erotic flogging.

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