New in intimate services!


Tired of the classic sexual affection, but want a luxurious holiday time? To do this, set up site. Here, in a clear and simple menu, you can choose a masseuse in Sochi for the pleasure of not only the relaxing nature, but also an intimate plan. What is erotic massage? And how is it different from classical, Thai? It includes these massages initially. But then begins a minute, hours of enjoyment, but to which the heavenly, and not name.


What is included in the service?


Beautiful girl satisfy customer desires. Everything starts with relaxation. This is to ensure that the client has restored the balance of nervous and mental balance. Nice music and the gentle touch of a masseuse that will contribute. After full relaxation followed by stimulation and activation of erogenous zones. They are very important in getting pleasure from the procedure. Not all sexual partners give them attention during sex and make a huge mistake.


Masseuse stimulate point and charge the customer's sexual energy. The use of special oils and aromas will give zest to erotic massage. Next, follow the most pleasant - massage intimate areas:


  • Prostate massage - a wonderful preventative tool and a way to bring pleasure to the man;
  • Massage and stimulation of the penis - allow long experience orgasm with maximum pleasure.


The list of services negotiated directly before the meeting and not limited to the above. There is not a single customer who does not fell like this type of service. The main thing - to allow yourself to experience full relaxation, pleasure and life long holiday now.

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